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Safe Housing Inspection Program (SHIP)


Started in 2006, the Safe Housing Inspection Program (SHIP) is a collaboration between the Calgary Health Region Environmental Health Program and the City of Calgary, designed to improve the health and safety of multi-family rental dwellings in the city.


The program consists of pro-active inspections of rental properties meeting the following criteria:

  • 3 or more suites (ie. Rooming houses, boarding houses, apartment buildings)
  • History of problems and/or complaints to any of the SHIP inspection agencies
  • Focus on low-income housing

The inspection team works together to document concerns, communicate requirements to building owners, and take enforcement action as necessary. The SHIP team is made up of the following agencies/departments:

  • Calgary Health Region Environmental Health - Rental Housing Inspectors
  • City of Calgary Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Calgary Police Service
  • City of Calgary Building and Development Business Licensing
  • City of Calgary Development and Building Approvals - Development Inspection Services
  • City of Calgary Animal and Bylaw Services

To date, over 30 buildings, including over 475 suites, have been inspected as part of SHIP, resulting in improved living conditions for tenants. Health and safety concerns noted, and subsequently corrected, in buildings inspected have included:

  • Missing or non-operational smoke detectors
  • Vermin infestations
  • Problems with emergency egress/ exits
  • Water damage and/or mould

The SHIP continues to grow and improve. If you would like to discuss this program further, or refer a building for possible inspection by the SHIP team, please contact Calgary Health Region Environmental Health at 403-943-8095.


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