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Importance to Health

Suitable housing conditions are essential for good health. Every person needs safe and sanitary housing. People can become more susceptible to disease whey they do not have suitable housing. Adequate space and heat, good air quality, safety, and security are some of the qualities required within a dwelling.

Roles of Environmental Public Health

The Environmental Public Health Program responds to concerns from tenants. Public Health Inspectors inspect rental houses, apartments, hotels, and other types of accommodations to determine whether these places are safe. Inspectors enforce and apply the Alberta Housing Regulation and the Minimum Housing and health Standards to ensure that housing units provide safe and healthy living environments.

Safe Housing Inspection Program (SHIP)

Started in 2006, the Safe Housing Inspection Program (SHIP) is a collaboration between the Environmental Health Program of Alberta Health Services - Calgary Region and the City of Calgary, designed to improve the health and safety of multi-family rental dwellings in the city.  Click here for more information


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