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The Southern Alberta Family & Community Resource Centre is one of the essential components of the Southern Alberta Child & Youth Health Network (SACYHN). The Network is committed to facilitating access to information as a way of building family and community care capacity across child-serving sectors.

The Family and Community Resource Centre is located on the hospital’s second floor and offers many programs and services to assist families during their time at the hospital.

For Clinical Support Services, contact the FCRC Family Support Specialists at 403-955-FCRC (3272).

Other programs offered include:

  • The Child Health Computer Program, 403-955-2252;
  • Child Health Information Services, 403-955-7745;
  • Community Education Service, 403-955-7420;
  • Aboriginal Liaison Service, 403-955-7034;
  • Cultural Diversity Services, 403-955-7742;
  • Therapeutic Clown Services, 403-955-7629;
  • Family to Family Connection Service, 403-955-2456,
  • FCRC Manager, 403-955-7762 or 403-955-7082.
Grief Support Program

The Grief Support Program is available to provide support to families when a child dies. Bereavement support is offered in many ways to fit the unique needs of the family, such as individual, family and/or group counselling, resourcing/education and referrals to community agencies. If you would like to find out more about our program or speak to one of our Grief Support Counsellors, please call 403-955-7671.

Child Life Programs

Child Life Specialists provide a variety of group and individual programs to help patients and their families cope with their hospital experience. Group programs include: scheduled playroom programs, family night programs (Movie Night, Bingo, Pet Night), and special events.

Child Life Specialists also assist in providing emotional and educational support to help prepare children for medical procedures and surgeries. Medical play/teaching, distraction and orientation to the hospital can help reduce the stress and anxiety that can be associated with hospitalization.

Pet Therapy and Visitation Program

Pet Therapy is offered every Wednesday evening through the Child Life Program. The Pet Access League Society (PALS) provides two teams of trained pets and owners who visit children and their families.

The Pet Visitation Room is a designated space for visits between hospitalized children and their family pets. Restrictions do apply on the type of pets allowed to visit. The pet room is located on the west side of the lower level. Pet visits to the hospital can be co-ordinated through Child Life staff. For more information please phone 403-955-2593.

Therapeutic Arts Program

The Art Studio is a designated space for group and individual programming and is located on Level 4.

The Therapeutic Arts team offers a variety of programs including art and music therapy which provide the opportunity for self expression and creativity for children and their families. Special performances from community entertainers are also coordinated through this program. For more information please phone 403-955-2593.

The Healing Gardens

The Healing Gardens is an outdoor space where children and their families, staff and visitors can wander, explore and experience the therapeutic benefits of a healing, horticultural environment. The gardens provide a place for reflection and discovery away from the hospital setting to regain a connection with nature. There are six distinct garden spaces surrounding the hospital.

The Healing Gardens Program offers a combination of group and individualized programming for both inpatient and outpatient children and their families. This program is coordinated by an Art Therapist and Horticultural Therapist who provide gardening and nature based art programs. For more information please phone 403-955-2593.

Family Accommodation

Families are encouraged to stay with their child during admission. All general unit inpatient rooms have overnight accommodation for one parent/caregiver, a bedside chair and a private washroom.

Sleeping at the bedside is not permitted in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). PICU features two overnight accommodation suites that include a private bathroom. Comfortable chairs are available in every PICU room for family members wanting to stay at their child’s bedside.

To arrange use of the PICU room, contact the Family and Community Resource Centre at 403-955-3272.

The Family Centre

The Family Accommodation Suite has five sleeping rooms each with a full washroom. It is attached to the Family Centre lounge area where both inpatient and outpatient families can relax, have lunch or play a game. The Family Centre has a TV with an Xbox, lots of books, magazines and games. It also has a fridge, microwave and laundry facilities.

To find out more about the Family Centre, contact a Family Support Specialist at 403-955-3272.

Spiritual Care

Chaplains at the Alberta Children’s Hospital are professionals who have received specialized education and clinical training in providing spiritual and religious support. They respect and have an awareness of spiritual values from various faith perspectives and cultures that allows them to openly discuss what is important to families and children from a spiritual and religious point of view.

Chaplains are available to offer a compassionate presence through listening, prayers, rituals and spiritual counsel within one’s own belief system in a respectful, multi-faith and nondenominational environment. Referrals can also be made to any of the religious communities in Calgary, if needed.

Chaplains are available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours and on weekends chaplains can be contacted in case of emergency through the hospital switchboard.

The Sacred Space

The Alberta Children’s Hospital also features the Sacred Space, a room designed to be a quiet and comfortable place to get away from the stresses of hospital life and to allow for rest, meditation and prayer. All faith groups are welcome. The Sacred Space can also be reserved for special religious occasions, such as baptism, sweet grass ceremonies, group prayer and meditation. For more information, contact the Chaplains or the Family and Community Resource Centre.

Youth in Transition “Well On Your Way”

The Well On Your Way program provides services for youth with special health care needs as they prepare for the transfer from pediatric to adult medical care. Parents are also provided support with their changing role in their child’s care.

You can contact the Youth Transition co-ordinator at 403-955-7252.